From Portugal, With Love

On the Hunt

Break out the credit card, honey! It’s time to shop… When we arrived in Portugal last year, we were so grateful to find a furnished apartment within a few days of looking. Not only was it furnished, everything was brand new – furniture, rugs, artwork, window coverings, and decorative items. And, they were attractive andContinue reading “On the Hunt”

We’re Moving!

Wait! What? Why?! We weren’t planning on moving, but it all came together really fast. The whole process was kind of crazy. Oh…and we’re not moving back to the US, just to the next town. Knowing that we like where we live, you might be wondering why we have decided to move. Good question. WeContinue reading “We’re Moving!”

A 4th Edition of…

As always, gird your loins, I’m all over the place… Inequality of the sexes… Not too long ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table thinking about how really crappy it is that at the tender age of 12 or 13 girls have to deal with monthly menstruations (stay with me…) which includes cramping, headaches,Continue reading “A 4th Edition of…”

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