Brave or Bonkers?

11 thoughts on “Brave or Bonkers?”

  1. So far, really fascinating and you’re already answering a lot of questions I had! Thanks so much for sharing the story with us!!


  2. Great start! So how do you handle healthcare on a 10 year non habitual residency visa? If I point Lynne towards your blog she will start packing…


    1. I’m going to address health care costs in another post in the not-too-distant future. You won’t believe how inexpensive and good it is!! It’s one of the main reasons we are moving there. We know of a family of 4 whose monthly premiums are $125/month – for PRIVATE insurance. Are you still breathing??


  3. What an adventure! We enjoyed Lisbon and Cintra about 30 years ago and met some wonderful young attorneys from Lisbon 9 years ago. The citizens are indeed genuinely friendly. Good for you to challenge yourselves with this major move. I’ll look forward to learning about your adventures as they unfold.


  4. Wow !!! Thanks for sharing and keep us informed . Best to you both . Marj & Randy . As you know we did move countries and all with help ( thank goodness ) . China & USA . Marj can add Canada from Holland to that list back in ‘53 as immigrants and that wasn’t easy ( as you note ). Keep up the good work . Rocket 🚀 & Marj

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  5. Beth – Thank you so much for all your posts. My husband and I are in the initial planning stage of moving from Dallas, TX to CasCais. We need lots of help – starting at the very basics (finding a place to sent for a year or more – a great real estate agent or person who can help, lawyer to read all the legal documents, etc.), cost of moving, cost of living, recommendations all including “avoid this”, “do this”, “watch out for this” etc. All the “things” that wouldn’t make a list if moving in the U.S. or being temporarily relocated overseas by a company. If you know of any websites or places I can find this information let me know. The places I’ve checked on the internet, etc for information are outdated or vary to widely on the same information that it’s more than difficult to determine a range costs/trade offs. Thanks for you help and patience since I’m sure you’ve been asked these questions many times before.


    1. Hi Pam (I think I replied to your husband, Mark a bit ago after he left a comment on my most recent post). Happy to connect with you as well! It can be overwhelming to think about all the elements of a move like this, but research is the best place to start – we did this all on our own too and managed it successfully. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. I would put you in touch with Marta Alegria of Keller Williams (I mentioned this to Mark in my reply to him). We never used a lawyer, but Marta can refer you to one. I’ll send you an email separately so I can get yours and Mark’s phone numbers to enable that connection. Cost of moving – that will depend on a lot of factors and I’m not sure I can provide any useful information other than, if you ship anything here, be sure you get a document from the Portuguese Consulate allowing you to bring those items into the country without paying taxes on them (read my post “Holy Ship! for details). I’m just about ready to post more on what we have gone through to bring one of our cars. Cost of living can vary widely. Much depends on your personal preferences, but these might be helpful: fuel is very expensive here (refer to my post “I Have a Question” for details), healthcare is 90% LESS than what we paid in the US for private health insurance (refer to my post “The Cost and Quality of Healthcare for more details), car insurance will run you 45 to 70 Euros per month, cell phones and Internet fees are about 20% less than the US, food costs can be a lot less or the same depending on where you shop and what you eat. Local restaurants are very affordable and there are expensive places to eat too. Our overall cost of living is about half the cost of what we were spending in the US, but we live in an apartment now vs a 4000 SF home on 2 acres of property; however, our quality of life is a lot better here. Hope that helps to get things started.


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