To Bring Or Not To Bring, That Is The Question

18 thoughts on “To Bring Or Not To Bring, That Is The Question”

  1. What a wonderful way to start this next decade! Living your dream! Loved this post and looking forward to keeping connected in your new life!!!


    1. Hey Charlie – if you live in larger metropolitan areas, most people speak English and menus are available in English. They teach English in the school system early on. Regardless, we are going to learn the language. We believe it is respectful and appropriate. Plus, one of the reasons we are moving to a foreign country is to challenge ourselves and our brains. That is a big part of this whole adventure.


  2. So excited for you guys!! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in my home country! I wish you Boa Viagem & Boa Sorte!
    Any don’t forget to go get some Pastéis De Belem ASAP!! They are the most amazing custard cakes!! YUMMM

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    1. Obrigada! We have been to Lisbon a few times now and have enjoyed the Pasteis De Nata every time we’ve been there, but haven’t yet had the Pasteis De Belem, which we know is world-famous. It’s certainly on our list of things to do, though!


    1. Funny you should ask! 🙂 We are taking 2 with us (a 2000 Barca Veha and a port from my brother-in-law’s winery, Loxton Cellars). For the remainder, we drank as much as we could without damaging our livers and gave the rest to friends. The only thing we are storing are two bottles of Camus cognac we each personally blended when we were in Cognac in 2016. It can sit and just continue to age.


  3. Beth, you are a natural blogger! And we may take you up on the offer to stop in as we consider redoing our Portugal honeymoon this summer for a 30th anniversary celebration! In the meantime, I will live vicariously through you and watch the adventures unfold!!!


    1. Thanks, Nidya! I think your baby boy is coming up on his first birthday, isn’t he? It’s amazing how fast time goes. Cherish every moment. I’m glad we’ll be able to stay in touch via my blog.


  4. We are moving from Atlanta to Portugal next month and are debating bringing a car. We are told that we have to make it EU compliant before shipping but do not have the foggiest idea of how to go about it. What did you do? Much thanks.


    1. That is a loaded question, Tom and not easy to answer quickly. Since you are planning to arrive next month (by the way, I’d love to know how you swung that given the current travel ban from the US to Portugal), you may not have enough time to get everything prepared. I would strongly suggest you read my blog posts “To Bring or Not to Bring, That is the Question,” “Hoy Ship!” and “Holy Ship! – Epilogue” (links to all my blog posts are at the bottom of each page). These posts cover our experience importing our car earlier this year from the US. I include the time frame, documents required, and all the costs. One other important factor – if you haven’t owned the car for at least 6 months prior to arrival, you will automatically be required to pay a significant VAT which can be up to 50% of the purchase price of the car (NOT the fair market value). If you have owned the car for more than 6 months you can bring it in without the VAT (with the right document), but that is only one of MANY required steps. We are in the process of legalizing our car to drive here and I am in the process of writing about that now, which again, is quite complex and would have been easier had we known what would be needed/required before we left the states. So again, given the timing of your move I don’t know if you’ll be able to get everything ready before you leave. I’d love to know what you ultimately do so please keep me posted. Where do you plan to live once you get to Portugal?


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