Stay Calm and Carry On

18 thoughts on “Stay Calm and Carry On”

  1. Oh, I see feel for little Sweet Pea, such a good trooper holding it until she couldn’t! I bet you’re all feeling calmer now! What a story!!


  2. So glad the three of you made it with limited hurdles. Once you settle in, it will probably be everything you hoped it would be and you can relax and enjoy. Looking forward to the next chapter in your journey. 💕😻


  3. I’ve never been so on edge about anticipating a dog’s need to heed to Mother Nature’s call. You and Won are so well suited to travel together and take on obstacles with aplomb. Even though you were as prepared as you could possibly be, you were quite resourceful to address the unexpected.

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  4. Glad you arrived safely and with a happy Sweet Pea. Here’s hoping these will be the worst of your troubles on this excellent adventure.


  5. Hi Beth,
    Love your blog – informative and funny.
    Quite an adventure so far – your trip to Lisbon was riot. I suspect that Sandy would have abandoned me, if I had the problems that poor Sweet Pea had.
    Hoping we’ll get to see you in Sept.
    Look forward to your future postings


    1. Hi Ray!! I’m so happy you are finding them fun to read. 😁👍 We are already counting down the days until you and Sandy arrive. Until then, have fun, be safe, and enjoy life! Hugs to Sandy. 😘


  6. Feels like I was right there with you all along. SP is so lucky to have such attentive, organized and flexible parents. That had to helped her tremendously. And your conveying the experience-step by step – was so realistic. Glad you were able to use your good planning and resourcefulness to finally get out of the airport, into a suitably sized vehicle (remarkable all the ‘laws’ they DON’T tell you about ahead of time, isn’t it?) and on your way. Your cozy cottage sounds lovely. Settle in and enjoy NOT moving for a while. Grateful the 3 of you are there safely. Sending big hugs to all. –
    Auntie Shameless


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