Home Sweet Home

23 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. I am literally dropping everything to read these posts the second they come in. Love it. And BTW: Adam was telling me about a friend of his who is moving to Spain. Adam said there’s a company that does everything an expat needs to get resettled. And I responded, “I guess that’s what you do if you’re not married to Won.” Adam’s response…

    “Yes, he’s in a no-Won situation.”


  2. Love the Blog! Happy for you both and looking forward to visiting soon (maybe in the fall)…

    Don’t know if we are doing trivia tomorrow but if so….we will be sending you texts and pictures!

    Lots of Love,

    Janet, George and family

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    1. Hi Janet! Would love to see you! Keep me posted on your plans. And, absolutely keep the pictures and texts coming on both trivia and book club. I’m there with you in spirit. Hugs!


  3. I am such a sucker for hounds – I have Beagles, so I’m in love with that Bassett Hound!! What an adorable welcoming committee.


      1. When I lived in Vevey, the rule there was No Laundry on Sunday! So washing was limited to 6 days a week. Of course every store was also closed on Sunday.


  4. I am really enjoying your blogs Beth. Fred is so cute. It looks like he was just patiently waiting for SP to play. The scenery there is just spectacular. I’m so glad you guys are having a great time and are now settled in your own place.
    Hugs to you both.


  5. I love your blog!!! So happy you guys are enjoying your adventure and all those new experiences. Well, except for your outside, “Amish Style”clothes hanging experience lol. Love the pictures. You’re making me miss the homeland.


  6. Your narratives are so interesting and fun to read. I can hardly wait for the next chapter. The pictures are beautiful and really help to connect with your stories. It looks like the three of you are settling in nicely. Enjoy your journey. Love, Aunt Dianna


  7. I love Fred! That is so adorable that he sat outside your door. He must be lost with his Friend, Sweet Pea. The views are beautiful! Enjoy your adventure and thanks for bringing us along for the ride.


    1. Thanks, Toni. We are having a wonderful time and truly enjoying this adventure. I think of you all often and hope things are good for the entire team. Tell everyone I say hello and send my very best!


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