Settling In, a Pictorial Update

16 thoughts on “Settling In, a Pictorial Update”

  1. Love this chapter. The pictures are great and I can certainly see why you are so happy in this quaint seaside area. I would love being able to walk to so many of your favorite shops and markets, as well as the parks and seaside.Thank you so much for sharing. It surely seems to be idyllic!!
    Love, Aunt Dianna


    1. Thanks, Aunt Dianna. Now that we are more settled and have established a rhythm to our life we can begin to explore more. We have so much to see, do, and learn. I promise to keep you and everyone updated. Take care!!


  2. Tasty cakes, flowers and wine within 5 minutes!!? Sounds like heaven! Glad you’re finally having time to relax and enjoy without any appointments to get your stuff. Miss you guys!


  3. From Adam: “I love how she puts these things together. We need to go there.” Between this and the healthcare post you’re making the place veeerrry attractive!

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    1. Yes…we feel like we lucked out big time. We still love it here and have no desire to move for the time being. It’s a bit of a pain to take Sweet Pea out to do her business since we are on the 6th floor (actually 7th), but it has become the norm for us all now.

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