Conversion Submersion

13 thoughts on “Conversion Submersion”

  1. In a few months you’ll look back on this particular challenge and say “Oh yeah. That was a bit of a hassle at first. But it’s all good now.”


    1. I’m counting on it!! We are already adjusting to kilometers during driving and we HAD to figure out Celcius when using the oven, for health reasons. LOLOL! Every day we learn just a bit more, which helps us become more comfortable and confident. 😘


  2. Another great and interesting chapter in your relocation. All of the required conversions make my head spin. I am much too old to even think about it. I am happy for you that the healthcare seems to be a plus. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Love, Aunt Dianna


  3. Beth, Won, So happy to to see you guys having a blast. Won tells me that he has not played a round of golf since you guys got there. Just tell him that everything is in Meters there so his drives will be much shorter than he expects. Love from us here in Chester. Ron & Meeka


    1. Hi Ron and Meeka! So nice to hear from you. Yes, we’ve been having a great time since moving here and we are hoping to get back to the fun once we are collectively past this awful global pandemic. I’ve shared your comment with Won and he smiled. We hope you and your family stay safe and come through this terrible time in good health. Take care.


  4. Very entertaining! Canada uses metric, but we are in a weird hybrid mode. For me, baking measurements, oven temperatures, my height and weight are Imperial, whereas temperature, car speed, distances are in metric.


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