Random Musings

11 thoughts on “Random Musings”

  1. Thanks for such a lighthearted post…so nice to get an email that is not how xyz company is dealing with coronavirus!


    1. I totally get it. I was starting to go stir crazy because I was glued to the TV, phone or my computer watching the news for hours every day. Not healthy. I took a long walk today by the beach and cleared my head. I hope you are staying healthy too Ann. It must be a bummer not to be able to travel. I know how much you enjoy it.


  2. Yes, Nice breezy post. I’m a convert to the electric kettle since I started spending a lot of time in the UK. I have one in my new home here and it does heat water tremendously fast and efficiently. Tucson of course has different light but it does have lots and lots of sunny days, and the light makes me happy as well! Enjoy!!


    1. Thanks for clearing up the tea kettle mystery. 🙂 I’ve been to Tucson. It’s a lovely city and the light is intense in the summer, but quite lovely in the fall, winter, spring. I’m so glad you are happy there.


  3. Your kitchen is so beautiful, clean and sleek. Nuances of your kitchen in Pacific Palisades. So glad you both are so happy in Portugal. It sounds like an idyllic life….the water for me is the zen.
    Love to you both and I’m really enjoying reading the blogs.
    Thank you and I hope to come and visit once all this is over. XO


  4. Have had an electric kettle in the states for decades – as an avid tea drinker it’s the only way! And yes the US voltage means it takes longer to boil than in Europe but I will take it! Keep safe and healthy


  5. Finally! I can be excused from the blame of the electric bill in Chester. 😅 I would use my phone to navigate up/down the stairs to prove I was not turning on or leaving anything on.

    Glad to hear the interests in fruits. I’m sure they taste so much better over there.

    Also, we miss Amazon’s next day shipping too. It’s a average of 1-2 weeks right now. We’ve had so many items go “missing” and required refunding. We’ll get through this… Eventually.


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