Food, Glorious Food

23 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food”

  1. I look forward to your lovely blog posts Beth. A spot of sanity in an uneven world right now. Yes fresh sardines are wonderful, had the many times in Spain. So glad that Won persisted with the fish, good man! Not so hard to gut but the scaling can be a pain in the neck!

    Your photos are wonderful, keep them coming!!


    1. Thanks, Taffy! You’re comments are so kind and generous. I truly appreciate them and our friendship. Please stay safe. We’ll snack on sardines together at some point in future!!


  2. Love your post Beth. It certainly looks stunning there.
    That Won never runs away from a challenge as is evidenced by the fish cleaning experience.
    Love the dedication and pictures of your Dad and he would have gone crazy for the culinary experience available in Lisbon.
    Take Care and be safe Love and hugs-Jeanne


  3. Another great post Beth, keep them coming – they’re a great distraction these days! (and this one made me hungry!)


  4. This made me hungry too, and drat – no fresh sardines for miles!

    Sweet tribute to your dad. And I can clearly see parts of you and all your siblings in his face. Especially Gary

    Stay safe – and all the best to the three of you!


    1. Once we are past this nightmare of a situation, I hope you and Tom will consider coming to visit us. I think you’d both love it. Thanks for your kind words, Lindsey. It’s funny that you should say you see Dad in Gary – he just shaved off his beard and claimed, “I just turned into Dad!” LOL! I hope you all stay safe too. Sending loads of love.


  5. Love the reference to Oliver! I remember seeing it on Broadway in 1963 (eegads, now THAT was a long time ago!). What a lovely culinary journey you’ve taken us on here, complete with beautiful pics. Won just keeps expanding his resume and can now add fish cleaning. What a trooper he is to let you photo-document his learning curve! So glad you guys are enjoying more fish. My old Doc used to call it “brain food.” And you’ve got access to so much there. Enjoy and xoxox to you both!


  6. I need a lesson on eating those sardines. I would normally turn my nose up at them, but it seems everyone raves about them when they’re fresh. How do you (or Won apparently) deal with the bones? Leave the head, right? Ewwww!


    1. Won says the best technique is to pin the tail with your fork and then slide your knife along the filet. It lifts right up with no bones. He also says the meat is so tender and flaky it comes right off making it easy to eat, especially when they are grilled (which is nearly always). You’ll have to circle back and tell me how it goes when you finally take the plunge and try them.

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