Staying Sane During Lock Down

12 thoughts on “Staying Sane During Lock Down”

  1. Beth, agreed that Chinese girl is beautiful talented and amazing. I haven’t watched all her things, just three or four of them but I’d like to know more about her. Regarding the port, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it… I’ll check out Ozzie. Thanks!!


    1. I’m so glad to learn you are familiar with her videos. I suppose it’s not too shocking though…she has more than 26 million subscribers. Won and I are sipping as I reply. Let me know what you think of Ozzyman. Sending hugs!


  2. Kelly and I have done some of our own episodes of “Chopped”. We each choose 2 secret ingredients, then we both have to prepare a mini meal using all 4 ingredients in 45 minutes. It is fun and has some interesting results!


  3. That OzzieMan is hysterical! Snap. Crackle. Pop. The cheese rollers are the best and I wouldn’t be surprised if his footage does find its way into someone’s advertising. Glad Won’s got the port situation under control. Keep laughing 😂😂😂


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