No Dill? What’s the deal?

23 thoughts on “No Dill? What’s the deal?”

  1. on our first trip to Australia in 2010, Chris said we should go to the grocery store-not because we needed anything, he just thought it would be a good experience for Kate and Ryan to see a store in another country. He was so right! We were all fascinated by what we saw. One of the most amusing parts were the meat dept which had 20 linear ft of lamb and 2 ft of pork. The other part was an entire aisle devoted to “cordials”. we asked what they were and Chris said it was something to flavor the water. We didn’t understand why until we learned most people pump river water straight into their homes and it tastes terrible!


    1. I truly wish everyone could live in another country, and preferably one where you don’t speak the language. It quickly shifts your world view and promotes tolerance. Miss you. 😘❤️


      1. Oh so true, BTK! I remember acclimating to Buenos Aires as a new bride @ 27 years old. Between the “when we feel like it” postal service and the 10 year waiting list for a landline, it exploded my perspective outward.


  2. Wonderful! I love shopping whenever I travel And it’s 1 of the reasons it’s fun to stay in a place where you can cook.


  3. Reading your blog kinda makes me wish I were keeping a blog or journal about life these days. And with each edition you send, I get more excited for seeing Portugal myself. Lots of love to you and Won!


    1. There’s nothing like the present! You’re a spectacular writer. I’d love to read your observations. Can’t wait for you and Adam to come. We’ll have loads of fun. 😘❤️


  4. WOW!!! Talk about truly one stop shopping! This is really fascinating and all the pictures are wonderful. Really enjoying your Blogs Beth. Thank you. Love you both. XO, Jeanne


    1. I’m super happy you are enjoying my blogs, Jeanne. They’re super fun to write. And, yes…it really is ONE STOP shopping…one really, really, really long shop. LOL!


    1. So funny you should say that…just yesterday I said to Won, “My dad would have loved to read my blogs and come to visit.” He’d have loved Portugal. Sending you (and him) loads of love.


  5. Hi Beth!
    Continente is the best! I love grocery shopping when I go to Portugal. It truly is an experience on so many levels. I especially enjoy the smells of different sections of the store (even the stinky cheese area) Queijo da Serra is the best!! The truly authentic one comes from Serra Da Estrela. It’s made from the sheep’s milk that graze on the mountain. That’s where I’m from, a small town called Gouveia on the foothills of the mountain. My grandpas were both Shepard’s at one time and my grandmas used to make the cheese at home. It’s a painstaking process, truly an art form! The best cheese is still done that way by the Shepard’s that still exist on the mountain. When we go there, we make the trek to a remote area of the mountain to one of the Shepard’s we know and buy our Queijo da Serra, directly from them. I grew up eating it so I love it, but I agree it’s not for everyone and it’s definitely an acquired taste. I love when it’s soft and gooey on a crunchy, warm piece of bread OMG how I would love some right now… sigh.
    So glad you are giving Bacalhau a try. It truly is a staple in Portuguese cuisine. If you see these on the menu give them a try, Bacalhau A Lagareiro, Bacalhau com natas, bacalhau à Gomes Sá all delish. But, as you have discovered, my favorite, Pasteis de Bacalhau are scrumptious. By the way, my Mom makes the best. The homemade ones are way better then the ones in restaurants. They don’t look like it, but there’s lots of little tricks to making the perfect Pastéis de Bacalhau. Honestly, they’re a pain to make, but oh so worth it!
    Also, an observation, I found it interesting that most people weren’t wearing a mask in the store. It’s a requirement here, can’t go into any establishment without one.

    Love hearing about all your experiences!
    Hope you and Won stay safe.


    1. I’m so pleased you are enjoying my blogs, Liz. And, thank you for all the great tips! The number of cheese options is overwhelming so its hard to know where to begin. I read your note to Won and he’s excited to try Queijo de Serra (especially when you mentioned the gooy on bread part… LOL!). We are excited to begin exploring again, but, restaurants aren’t allowed to reopen until after May 18th, assuming there is no increase in COVID-19 cases after other businesses re-open this coming week. Portugal is taking a slow and measured approach to re-opening. Regarding your observation about masks at the grocery store; the pictures I included in my post were a compilation of some I took before the lock down began and others during. Most people are complying with mask wearing in stores these days. (I should have noted that in my post…) Take care and stay safe.


  6. What a store! I need a nap from just reading about it. I see what you mean about needing to arrive fully rested with comfortable shoes. Thanks for the tour😉

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