A Day in Lisbon

12 thoughts on “A Day in Lisbon”

  1. Standing by for more! You’re making me jealous but I feel a little like I got outside when reading your post.


  2. What an awesome post! The statues, gardens, sidewalk and plaza tiles, architecture, wow!! (By the way, I’ve been to that botanical garden in Phoenix and it is absolutely out of this world!!) Keep enjoying everything, as you clearly are!


    1. Thanks so much, Taffy! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I was thinking about you today and wondering how you’re handling the heat. I saw it was going to be 107 F today!! Take care and stay cool!!


  3. Beth,
    Again, beautiful photos and tour of Lisbon. If you ever get tired of retirement, you could work for the Portugal tourism board! You entice everyone to come visit Portugal with your commentary and lovely photos.
    After all the walking and stairs you earned that acai berry treat. The trams remind me of those in Prague, years ago before they were modernized. In San Francisco, they’ve restored some vintage trams which now operate on Market Street.
    Keep the blogs & photos coming. Really enjoy you highlighting the architecture & street life but would like more of Sweet Pea on the beach – she has such joy running around.

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  4. Well…we had planned a big European trip this summer. I curated my own tour of select gardens in Sussex & Devon staying at beautiful inns/B&Bs. We were to hop across to Paris for a quick stay, then TGV train to Provence to stay at a lovely Luberon B&B. Later attend a conference in Portugal, finishing off in Malaga & Sevilla. Not sure whether the Lisbon conference will still be held in the fall, so we’re monitoring the travel situation. “Best laid plans…can go pear shaped!” I’ll take a page from your easy going, optimistic, things will work out attitude; we just will have to wait & see how things play out.


  5. Beautiful pictures and love the detailed description, Beth! Good thing you got settled in before this whole quarantine happened. Keep posting!


    1. Thanks, Nazia. We are grateful we were able to get settled – and just in the nick of time too. I hope all is well with you and your family. Take care and stay safe and healthy.


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