A Special Message

14 thoughts on “A Special Message”

  1. Thoughtful and timely. I look forward to all your updates – they are a positive nudge and that is never a bad thing!!


    1. You’re the best, Rick!! Thank you. As you can tell I was really struggling about what to do, so I am grateful for your kind words and support. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.


  2. Beth,
    Please keep up these beautiful & thoughtful blogs/photos. Now, more than ever we need & appreciate lovely things in life. You provide a wonderful beacon of hope for us and we all understand that art, culture, architecture, natural beauty are what we all need and a key reason for society to exist.
    PLEASE continue!


    1. Leslie, your note is gratefully and humbly appreciated. I am touched by your generous comments and will do my best to live into your expectations. Please stay safe and healthy!


  3. Beth , your posts are a breath of fresh air! With covid and all, it’s wonderful to read you! Please keep it up


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