Wow…That’s BIG!

11 thoughts on “Wow…That’s BIG!”

  1. Beth,
    Imagine living in that space where almost everywhere one looks, is a work of art! Especially the Benediction Room. Our streamlined/functional living spaces today seem so mundane. Loved seeing Sweat Pea – what a darling.


  2. Well, if you’re gonna spend 38 years and a couple tons of someone else’s gold, at least you have something to show for it! That was awesome! Keep it coming Beth. Love this stuff.


    1. The funny thing is, it was more of a “hunting lodge” for the king. It was just wrapped around a basilica, convent, massive library and infirmary. Well, at least he got his money’s worth. Interestingly, neither the king nor queen lived to see it completed. King João V died in 1750 and his wife died in 1754. The palace was completed in 1755.


  3. Hey Beth,

    Another great peek into the beauty and breadth of Portugal. My question is how long have you been waiting to use the word gobsmacked? 🙂



  4. Beth, you may have topped yourself again for interesting posts and beautiful photos! Thank you! (I notice Sweet Pea’s trim is holding up dashingly well!)


      1. Beth, I think I screwed up by mistakenly “subscribing” again. I prefer and really only use Taffy. I suspect I have 2 accounts now, maybe get rid of the Patricia one.


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