Belém – Fun, Fascinating and Fabulous

5 thoughts on “Belém – Fun, Fascinating and Fabulous”

    1. Thanks so much, Jorge. I’m so happy you are enjoying them. I’m having a great time writing them. BTW – I thought of you when I figured out how to add the video. LOLOL! I thought you’d be proud of me!


  1. I swear that sometimes, I can’t believe the pictures I’m looking at didn’t come from the local tourist bureau. So lovely! Keep it coming and good luck next week!


  2. Seems like you really like the delicious treats, pateis de nata. You might enjoy watching The Great British Baking Show (Season 8, episode 6) where one of the “challenges” is to make pasteis de nata. You might want to try the recipe, but then again, why, if you can just go to the Mother Ship right there in Lisbon and get the originals.

    I so enjoy the beauty that you share with us but I can’t help sometimes feeling a bit bereft as USA lacks this architecture & history. Granted Portugal has a much deeper history – founded in 868! Remember that the royals & clergy of Europe controlled all the wealth to indulge their monuments/follies while 99% of the peasants lived in poverty. Yet…the art that is infused in the buildings and capture a time in history, one can’t help being awed.

    Good luck at your SEF interview!


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