We’re Portuguese Residents!!

15 thoughts on “We’re Portuguese Residents!!”

  1. Beth,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think Won could have yet another career as an expat/Portugal “fixer” as he’s so organized & prepared. Glad you were able to get the funds to pay the fees; it’s a lesson-watch out for those commas in Euro currency 🙂 !


    1. Leslie – I just realized what you meant by the “comma” reference in your note. That wasn’t the reason I didn’t read the application fee amount correctly, it has to do with how Europeans write the number one, but I didn’t know how to describe it in my post. I thought it was a quickly scrawled and slightly warped Euro symbol at the time. My earlier response to you was with regard to how I continually forget to use the correct European number format, which should have been €164,20 (with a comma and not a period).


  2. eagerly awaiting your blog on Porto – we were supposed to stay in Porto for 5 days, and then on to our hiking trip in the Douro Valley. Hope you took a lot of pics


  3. Beth, another great post. I don’t know why but I love hearing the details and trials and tribulations of the actual process of getting through the bureaucracy. And I laughed out loud about the pension question. You’re lucky enough to have a pension? Who has a pension nowadays, only 13% of Americans do! Keep up the good work!!


    1. I’m so glad to hear you enjoy the details. I’m always worried it’ll be boring. Whew!! It’s kinda funny, but I worked for two companies who provided pensions – J&J and Nestle. I left Nestle too early to qualify, but I did at J&J. I’m very fortunate. How are the fires there? Are you under any threat? Stay safe!!


    1. Hi Stephanie! We made a conscious decision not to go to the Douro Valley this trip since our time was so limited. Plus, we were constrained by our appointment at SEF. We already know we will have to come back to Porto to continue exploring that wonderful city and will plan to make a separate trip to the valley (all on its own)…and we can’t wait! Honestly? We’d do it next week if it wasn’t for that wonderful, cute, furry little ball and chain called Sweet Pea. You must have wonderful friends who help look after Theo when you travel. We don’t quite have that worked out here yet.


  4. Beth,
    Such fun reading the details of your governmental maneuvering within the Portuguese system. I think Leslie’s right. Won could become a Portuguese “fixer!” That J&J pension certainly is an anomaly. I recall being offered the option of my Unilever pension vs. a one-time payout, when Unilever sold our company to Coty. (Took the payout which has proven to be the right move, many times over.) But I love Won’s reply that he’s “too young to have a pension!” It’s great fun reading of your adventures and I”m so glad you’re still enjoying it. Are you both learning Portuguese? Looking forward to hearing about Porto. Xoxox


    1. Hi Sheila! I’m happy you are enjoying these posts. They have been loads of fun to write. Won and I are learning Portuguese, but not formally through a tutor yet, due to pandemic-related concerns. We are watching YouTube videos and are certainly exposed to it every day so things are becoming more and more familiar. What we really need is help with pronunciation – that’s where the tutor would come in. Unfortunately, that will remain on hold until next year and a vaccine has been administered.


    1. I suspect it is much the same for anyone trying to enter a foreign country as a resident. In the midst of the experience it can be a bit stressful, but once you’re past it, you realize it wasn’t that difficult. In addition to being patient and flexible, it is critical to be as prepared and organized as possible.

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