The Versailles of Portugal – Queluz Palace

12 thoughts on “The Versailles of Portugal – Queluz Palace”

  1. Absolutely stunning, and I thoroughly enjoyed my tour!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love exploring Portugal vicariously through your posts!!


    1. Thanks, Mindy!! Isn’t Queluz stunning??!! I’m so happy you are enjoying my posts. I love writing them. Hopefully, the world will get this virus under control and you and Stephen can come see Portugal in person. Take care.


  2. I always wish they had mannequins in full period costumes in these places so you could imagine what it looked like back then with people! What a stunning palace.


    1. It was really eye-poppingly gorgeous. Your mannequin idea is a pretty good one, but what about real people dressed in period costume roaming around? I’d love that!


  3. Wow. Just wow. I think Versailles is a good comparison. The interiors were stunning. But I agree about the blue on the outside. It made the palace seem so much more magical. A must-see on our list. Love you!


  4. Wow, another over-the-top experience I would say. You could do a book just on the chandeliers of Portugal! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Really interesting about the enfilades, I had never heard of those before. They really seem like what Romans used to do in their homes to show off to passerby. Wonder if there was any inspiration from that. Hope you’re well.


  6. Beth,
    Another great showcase, tour & amazing photos. How about a coffee table book/poster on just ceilings of Portugal? That would be much grander than the “Doors of Dublin” poster. The palace does have the grandeur of Versailles or the lesser known Chateau de Vaux Vicomte SE of Paris (

    I appreciate the layout maps so we can track our virtual tour along with your lovely photos. Having a room for sipping chocolate – that’s what this world needs, forget about dens/man caves & she sheds. A room dedicated to chocolate – an idea that should not have fallen out of favor!


    1. I couldn’t agree more!!! More rooms to sip chocolate. That could be how we achieve world peace. You never know. Chateau de Vaux Vicomte is gorgeous. It’s going on the list of places to see.


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