I Have A Question…

18 thoughts on “I Have A Question…”

  1. Terrific blog!! I found it very interesting and the questions were great. Working for a French company, i hear the same things about the pandemic-why isn’t everyone wearing a mask in the USA? it’s so simple. Alas, America is anything but simple.


  2. Great blog, one of the best.
    One minor correction – Won never made money from me playing golf, he always paid me. Concerned this is an sign of dementia.
    Stay safe and continue to have a terrific adventure!


  3. Thank you for this!! I haven’t been able to read regularly but those that I have are always refreshingly honest and thought provoking. As someone who is thinking of also retiring in Portugal these are amazing posts!!


    1. I’m so happy you are finding them informative and useful! If you ever have any questions about the experience of moving or living here that I haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. I hope you can fulfill your dream some day.


  4. Beth,
    Great information. Especially appreciate the unvarnished experiences you’ve had. Even when things didn’t go perfectly, those experiences have been very helpful and realistic. I can appreciate the common theme of wanting to “fit in” and feel welcome, as my mother emigrated to the US. Yes, the handling of the pandemic in the USA is both perplexing and frustrating. I’m sure you miss certain food US things but that mega-grocery store would make me forget and want to try so many new things. We are definitely musing about spending 1/2 the year in Europe upon retirement. Once travel is viable, we’ll try to reschedule our time in Malaga Spain and maybe even explore Portugal, since you’ve painted such a wonderful picture of the country. We’d just need a fabulous major-domo, like wonderful Won to smooth the way! 🙂


  5. Incredibly informative, thorough and delightfully said…as always. I am so glad you’re both having such a wonderful time. Your posts remind me of the year I lived in Buenos Aires (’77-’78) and would write home about the experience. (My Mom saved all the letters which I found when she passed away in ’02.) Of particular interest was your list of words the Portuguese use to describe Americans. I used to ask that question of international colleagues all the time. The Portuguese are definitely kinder then some in other countries! Stay healthy. Enjoy that fresh fish and local wine. Miss you both xoxox


    1. I’m sure it was wonderful to re-read those letters, Sheila. One of the reasons I’m writing this blog is to record our experiences so we can read them again years down the road. I’m actually looking forward to that some day. Miss you too!!! xoxoxo


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