The Exotic Palácio de Monserrate

12 thoughts on “The Exotic Palácio de Monserrate”

  1. Absolutely stunning Beth! The pictures and history are so interesting.
    Your Dad would have loved your blog.
    Thanks for a respite and Namaste from this crazy world.


    1. Your comment brought tears to my eyes, Jeanne. You’re right, Dad would have loved my blog. I would give anything if he could come for a visit. Love you. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Fabulous! Literally, one’s eyes must get tired from looking at all the detail on those interiors. And that belvedere across the back of the house, what a place to relax! When houses were built to last!


  3. Beth,
    Another great blog & photos. I can’t help but feel these magnificent buildings should still be lived in/enjoyed, not that I’d prefer 1% of the population living in splendor while the 99% live in…not-splendor. The other thought is this beauty that is expressed in almost every surface in architecture must be so inspiring and connecting to the creativity of humanity. Would we all be more reflective & inspired to be surrounded and inhabit such a wondrous environment? The trend now is to live streamlined and functional, sort of like in The Matrix where our “life essence” is being farmed for fuel. Okay, that’s a bit of a downer. I’m in awe of that kitchen and those lovely copper pots. The detailed plasterwork is amazing – how was that accomplished? The Fern Valley with the moss-covered rocks seems so enchantingly tranquil- one can almost imagine fairies or pixies hiding in that glen.


    1. I hear what you are saying about these magnificent places – they are real treasures and not much has changed in the world between the haves and the have nots. But I suppose that is how we must think of these exquisite buildings now; as works of art. They are to be appreciated and admired for the craftsmanship and skill it took to bring these inspired ideas to life. What I think is sad is that most people today don’t have the time or resources to explore and discover their own creativity let alone bring their ideas to life in such a spectacular way. Our lives are filled with constant demands for our attention, time, and resources. The opportunity to step out of that craziness for an hour or two and into another world filled with beauty and tranquility is a lovely respite. Fortunately, the state acquired Monserrate, recognized its importance and invested in the restoration process (and now maintain it) so we can all appreciate its beauty and historic context. Love that you are enjoying these posts so much and that you share such deep and thoughtful comments as a result. It motivates and inspires me to continue. Thank you!!


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