Oh Boy! Óbidos!

10 thoughts on “Oh Boy! Óbidos!”

  1. everytime I’m in France for business and drive through little villages with lovely streets and stone buildings, I wonder if the people who live there realize how charming it is or if they don’t notice it because that’s just what towns looks like everywhere they go. I can’t say a typical suburban planned community in the USA would be nearly as charming and romantic!


    1. I agree! I hope I never become accustomed to the beauty and charm of Europe. Writing about it in my blogs also helps me to appreciate it even more as I go through the pictures I have taken, read about the history, and write about being there. I feel very fortunate. (Miss you…)


  2. What great photos and commentary, again! As I viewed them I realized I’ve been there! Duh – I was on a bus tour to the Lady of Fatima Shrine and we must have stopped in Obidos on the way back to Lisbon. I recognized the entrance and the blue bordered side streets. There wasn’t time allowed to walk the castle walls. Can you imagine in the USA having an attraction without all the rails etc to protect idiots from falling trying to take selfies? Reminds me of when I hiked in Zion National Park to the top of a mountain there was a chain attached to the side of the rock mountain so you wouldn’t off the cliff, but there was a “you’re on your own” sign if you proceed up. It’s amazing that they keep the battlements open in a way that’s in keeping with tradition.


    1. I’m so glad this post jogged a memory of you being there! You’ll have to come back and see it again. I had the same thought about the lack of safety measures and it isn’t just the battlements in Obidos, it’s in other locations too. And, in many ways, I prefer it. It encourages common sense, self-discipline, self-awareness, and personal responsibility. I’ve thought about writing a blog on that specific topic. We were in Fatima in February, but didn’t go into the church because we had Sweet Pea with us, but we did get a chance to drive around the town and explore a bit. I hope you’re staying cool and safe!


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