Road Trip to the Algarve Part 2 – Tavira

10 thoughts on “Road Trip to the Algarve Part 2 – Tavira”

  1. Beth,
    WOW, your blog is amazing. I subscribe to a few travel blogs, but yours is without a doubt THE BEST. Love your commentary and the pics are excellent. This blog has major commercial potential.
    Great to see that you are having such a great time.
    Say hi to your pal, Won.


    1. Stop! You’re making me blush. Seriously, you are so terribly kind and generous. I’m truly flattered and, coming from someone I admire and respect makes it that much more special. Won says to tell you we’re heading up to Porto next month. We wish you and Sandy were joining us. You were supposed to be here with us this month and we’re sad that your trip was canceled. However, your health and well being is the most import thing (and, being allowed in to the country is, I suppose, another important consideration). We miss you two!! Take care.


  2. I did a big guffaw reading about the cobblestone jiggles; my husband loves bumpy landings for the same reason 🙂 . Again the limitless patterns present in the beautiful azulejo tiles. The meals look so delicious, good thing you walked a lot so you could indulge. We made the same time difference when we drove from Cadiz to Portugal; we anxiously awaited the opening of a restaurant only to figure out that we were 1 hour early. What can one say, Sweat Pea is the star and looks to be smiling in happiness.


    1. Sweet Pea did look supremely happy in that shot, didn’t she? Glad you enjoyed this post and that it sparked more reminders of your trip to Portugal (I’m hoping to lure you back). I always love reading your reactions and comments, Leslie.


    1. Neither did we until we started to research and explore. It’s amazing. I feel like we would be happy for several years just learning exclusively about and experiencing Portugal. Can’t wait for you and Adam to come and join us for some of these adventures. Love you!!


  3. Sorry, a bit late in reading this one. I was wondering how much you’re walking on these trips, and I can see…a lot!! Yes, all the lovely tiles, and hard to believe you haven’t even started to explore out of the country yet, yet so much richness right in Portugal!


    1. Hi Taffy! Great to hear from you, as always. 🙂 Really good walking shoes are an absolute must for comfort. I love Sketcher Goga Mat brand (I have several pair in different colors). And, you are right about so much to see; Won and I feel like we could focus solely on Portugal for at least another year or two and never get bored! Stay safe, my friend.


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