Out and About in the Time of COVID-19

14 thoughts on “Out and About in the Time of COVID-19”

  1. Beth,
    I lament how the USA has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Unless there is a change in “leadership”, the USA will be suffering from this for years….no normal life at all on the horizon. Glad you gave me something to smile about at the end with Mustache mask and SweatPea enjoying the picnic and the shore.
    Stay well.


    1. I know how you feel. It can be so depressing. Won and I were just reviewing what we need to do to ensure our absentee ballots are counted in the coming general election (we just got them yesterday). Every vote matters this year. While we feel very fortunate to be living here, it breaks my heart that my friends and family cannot experience it with me. I’m happy that my blog posts can, at least, provide a brief distraction. Don’t lose hope; I know we’ll be sharing a tasty glass of wine together as we gaze out at the horizon one day!! Until then, stay safe and healthy.


  2. Won definitely looks better with his new mustache – suggest he keeps it.
    BTW, very impressed with Covid policies in Portugal -sounds a lot better then the fractured approach in the USA
    Y’all stay safe


    1. He said to tell you that he’s looking for one that includes a goatee, so he can look just like you. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. We promise to stay safe…you guys do the same! Sending hugs.


    1. Thanks for your concern, Christy. We’re monitoring the situation very closely and are taking the right measures to stay safe. We know where the increases are happening here and they aren’t near us. I’m more concerned about you guys between the virus and fires. Love you. 💙


  3. Beth
    Your posts continue to delight!!! I particularly like the photos including Won and Sweet Pea. The picnic basket looks fantastic…hope you were able to get some food before Won attacked it!!!
    Best to all!


    1. Thanks, Tim, I’m so happy you are enjoying them! (By the way, I think it’s funny you should mention Won attacking the food. The reason I didn’t get better photos is because he dove in as soon as his butt hit the blanket!! C’est la vie!)


  4. Hey Beth, another really informative post and great pics. You seem to be having a fantastic time. I’d be concerned about going into Lisbon a lot, it being a Covid hotspot, but I agree that the initial response was really good and as there’s no social protest about it, it’s easy to go about comfortably. The latest ‘contingency’ plans though are a little less straightforward than previously, but I don’t think they’ll really change things for us personally. Does that app ‘Fever’ cover places outside of Lisbon?


    1. Hi Safar! Thanks for your note. Interestingly, we don’t go into Lisbon that often. The picnic was an exception. Are you based here in Portugal? The Fever app includes Lisbon and the surrounding metropolitan areas, as well as Porto in the north. The other major cities and countries they cover around the world are listed in the post. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Stay safe!

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      1. I’m in the Coimbra region, about 40 minutes from Coimbra itself (recommend a visit – lovely historic university town). Going to go check out that app right now before I forget!


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