A Sunset Sail on the Rio Tejo

12 thoughts on “A Sunset Sail on the Rio Tejo”

  1. Beautiful, Beth! Looks like you are having a wonderful time exploring! I enjoy reading all about your adventures! Take care and stay safe!


    1. Thanks, Gerri!! I’m staying up to date with you via FB. You must be popping the buttons right of your shirt – your kids are amazing. Give Turtle my very best. I’m hoping that you both will come for a visit once it’s safe to travel again. Hugs to you all!


  2. Jeesh, that’s an amazing price for two for a private sail! Sounds absolutely lovely, and thanks for the great photos!


    1. Thanks, Taffy! We thought it was a great deal too. Nearly everything here is a lot more affordable, which allows us to do more, which in turn helps us help the economy in some small way.


  3. That’s looks like a very enjoyable and comfortable sail. Not at all like the sails I took around San Francisco Bay when I lived there. The cold waters make for a very chilly sail aboard. Yes, the Ponte de 25 Abril looks very much like the Golden Gate bridge, especially the view from below. Wonderful to see vistas from a different perspective.


  4. Fun! Maybe you and Won should buy that old fixer-upper of a sailboat and start exploring the Iberian coastline! 😂


  5. Such a beautiful experience for you both. I, too, adore that sound of creaking dock lines and halyards slapping against masts while gulls wheel and cry overhead. And a sunset cruise is always divine with wine. Love the pic of Won @ the helm. I’m so glad you two are finally able to get out and do so much. Such great adventures!


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