How Progressive is Portugal?

20 thoughts on “How Progressive is Portugal?”

  1. Everything was all cool and then… “It is also illegal to perform sexual acts with a minor between 14 and 16 when taking advantage of their inexperience.” Had to wrap my head around that one. 🤔


  2. Gosh, can Portugal be any more appealing? I’ve read that Europe has definitely become more secular, while the USA seems to be more influenced by evangelicals/religion. I wish we could retire Europe/Portugal now, rather than in 8 years which is our timeline. Fingers crossed that the USA can change course soon.


    1. Couldn’t agree more with your comment about Europe and the USA. Hang in there, hopefully travel will become safe again next year, and when it does, the time will pass more quickly. In the meantime you’re learning more and more about Portugal. 👍😁❤️


  3. Hi Beth. What a great place to be living. Progressive and practical for certain, and the maturity level of the country is well above that of the US. But that’s true of all of Europe, right? Will the US ever get out of its adolescence?!

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  4. Hi Beth, I wrote a long reply yesterday that then disappeared into the ether before I could post. (Actually I left the site to look up a statistic.) This actually was one of your more interesting posts and there have been many wonderful ones by you. Thanks for doing all the research. Portugal does indeed seem to be quite progressive in the many areas you outlined. I tried to find that abortions per 1000 women (of reproductive age) for Portugal but couldn’t find it- only that it lumps Portugal into Europe at around 15 per 1000 women.

    I’ve been interested in abortion and the birth rate for quite a while. For instance Italy, a strongly Catholic country, brought the birth rate (and i.e. the abortion rate) down greatly in the past 20 years or so by pushing education. There may be other factors but more women in Italy have graduate degrees than anywhere in the world.

    But the great winner is the Netherlands. They have an abortion rate of 5-7 per 1000 vs. the US of 14 per 1000. How did they do it? They legalized abortion in the 1960s, pushed sex education, made contraceptives readily available and also instituted universal health care, so that the population can access all of the above. The dread where the US is heading- completely in the wrong direction in all the above categories.

    But just by simply watching the pandemic numbers tells me Portugal has it’s act together! Enjoy!!


    1. Really interesting information, Taffy! Thanks for sharing those statistics. It is fascinating what education and a progressive, practical approach can do in a society. We are learning that Portugal is impressively progressive in many areas, but still has a way to go in others (i.e. administrative bureaucracy). Nothing is perfect, but so far, so good!! Stay safe my friend.


  5. Right on! An important topic — especially for us expats and immigrants, fugitives and refugees — that confirms our decision to relocate to Portugal nearly four years ago!


  6. I tried contacting you directly by email … but, evidently, it didn’t go through. Your permission is requested, Beth, to reprint this article — with all credit and link to your blog given — in the September issue of Portugal Living Magazine. Here is a link where you can read more about the magazine and subscribe at no charge:

    Thanks for your consideration and best wishes on all of your writing!

    Até logo,

    Bruce Joffe
    Publisher/Creative Director
    Portugal Living Magazine


      1. Expect it in your email inbox the first week of June, Beth.

        May we reprint your “How Progressive is Portugal” in our second (September) issue?


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