Picture Perfect Porto (Part 1)

14 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Porto (Part 1)”

  1. … big sigh. Enchanting.
    Hey. I’m gonna need you and Won to go up to Nazare this winter and see the big waves for me. I hope to see it myself someday, but since you’re there…


    1. Glad you found this one relaxing. Nazare is already on the list. The waves typically are biggest in November so that blog could be done is a less than a month! We’re super excited about seeing them too and really wish you and Adam could join us. Perhaps next year for Adam’s birthday? That would be so much fun. Until then, I promise to take loads of pictures and tell you all about it.


  2. Beth, Your blog is a bit of tease with all the beautiful hotels & train you did NOT stay at/use. But you eventually stayed at that amazing Torel Avantgarde; what is that portmanteau with the leather(?) tags? Yes, I too appreciate/need black out blinds to sleep in total darkness.
    I guess I’ll just have to imagine sitting in that lovely Majestic Cafe, sipping a latte on a fresh breezy afternoon watching the world go by.


    1. Ha! Ha! I honestly wasn’t trying to tease about the hotels. We really did look at each and seriously consider them all. I thought I would include them so that if anyone is planning to visit Porto (when this BLASTED virus is under control), they’ll have a good starting point. Won just said to me tonight that the next time we go back, we’re going to stay at the Brasaleira. The portmanteau in the lobby of the Avantgarde holds the actual room keys! Yes, those are the room keys with the leather tags. Not small, but pretty cool nonetheless. And…you will absolutely love the Majestic Cafe. It’s like stepping back in time.


    1. You nailed it, Taffy. It is so wonderfully romantic! (And, wait until you see next week’s post.) The azulejo tiles are really beautiful. Some are only blue and white, others are colorful, but all are creative and delightful to see.


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