Tee Time

10 thoughts on “Tee Time”

  1. Beth,
    I’m not a golfer but I do appreciate the views, especially the integration of the ancient aqueduct into the course. Sweet Pea looks a natural in the golf cart. The pool at that resort looks gorgeous – once the pandemic has ebbed perhaps you could try it out?


    1. I just found out that access to the pool is through a Wellness membership, which also includes access to their gym. Won only has a golf membership. On the plus side, we have a membership at Holmes Place – a health and fitness club which happens to have an indoor pool available to us, but your point is well taken, that pool does look inviting! And, like you, I love the views of and from the course.


    1. Thanks, Taffy. What I love is how the history of the place is woven into the modern setting. I’ve seen it many times around Portugal. The Portuguese do this really well. You should be past the blazing heat of summer and really enjoying the weather now. Take good care!


  2. Beth, As always a wonderful story and refresh on the connections. Glad to read the three of you are doing well and staying positive in the 2020 adaptation. Cheers, Jim


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