The First Noel

22 thoughts on “The First Noel”

  1. Beth and Won,
    Thanks for this lovely Christmas message – it was a treat to virtually experience the Holiday Season through your photos and lively commentary. So glad you are enjoying this great adventure.
    We are in NJ so that we can be with our family for the Holidays. It will be very scaled down – Christmas Eve with Laura and Scott, and Christmas Day with Michelle and our grandson Kieran. Not our usual celebration with about 35 friends and family, but it will still be good to see our kids.
    Wishing you both the very happiest of Christmas’s and a prayer for a safe New Year.
    As we say in Italian – Buon Natale e Felice Anno nuovo (out of boredom I am taking italian lessons)
    Sandy and Ray

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    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy (and safe and healthy) New Year to you and Sandy! Christmas is certainly going to be a weird one this year for everyone so anything we all can do to make it special is the goal. I have a feeling that next year Christmas is going to be over the top with pent up energy to celebrate in a significant way. Until then, keep up those Italian lessons (molto bene!!). Sending you both loads of hugs.


  2. I love the Christmas Decorations! First, love all the light blue and gold. Second, the lights emphasize the beauty of the architecture rather than obscuring it. Just lovely! (And thanks for sharing that pic of Won, his wine, and their sweaters. I laughed so hard!) XXOO


    1. He insisted on bringing that sweater with him to Portugal. LOLOL! I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos and you are right – they do emphasize the beauty of the architecture (well said!). Loads of love to you, Adam, Trey and Sunshine. (As an aside, can you set up a Christmas Day (or Eve) family call? Matt isn’t working that day and Heather won’t have to be at work until 3PM that day so they can join.) Love you.


  3. With all of that beauty, Xmas sights and sounds who needs Xmas decor at home anyway!? Not only did I notice that sweater, but the look on her face says she’s giving him the cold shoulder! Love his sense of humor! Your photos are amazing as usual and they make me want to travel soooo much!!! It’s nice at least to take a tour vicariously through you! Merry Xmas!!!


    1. You need to take a closer look at that sweater…(it is two “male” snowmen and pay special attention to the carrots). But, you are absolutely right about the decorations. However, we did go out and get a few poinsettias to bring a festive quality to our home. Thanks for your kind compliment on the photography – I really appreciate it! I hope you and your family enjoy a blessed, safe, and happy Christmas.


  4. Merry Christmas to you and Won! Your pictures have put Mark and I who are locked down with Co-Vid in the holiday spirit. Fingers crossed we can move over in 2021. If so we’d love to have lunch or dinner with you and Won sometime during Christmas week.


  5. Hi Beth,
    Just dropped by to wish you, Won and Sweetpea a great Christmas and a happy 2021.
    PS: It’s a pleasure to read your adventures as you get to known more an more our country…. 😉


  6. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of the holiday season there. I have yet to visit there during the Christmas season (I have only gone there during the summer) but certainly looks beautiful. I imagine after COVID it would look even better with more crowds and a more joyous atmosphere. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your adventures in 2021!


    1. I agree. That is one reason we are already looking forward to next Christmas! 🙂 However, next year, I think we’ll go to Óbidos (I wrote about Óbidos in August). We have learned the town has wonderful Christmas events that reflect a medieval theme and include a chocolate festival too. Can’t beat that! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, John!


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