Driving Me Crazy!

9 thoughts on “Driving Me Crazy!”

  1. If an emoji is worth a thousand words – and I believe it is – then I think the emoji you used to start this post, followed by a car emoji, would sum up the moral of the story: Leave your damn car at home. Got it. Rentals. Check.


  2. My goodness, Beth!! I don’t know how you have muddled through this process, all during this pandemic. Your strength and determination are amazing. I sincerely hope that 2021 provides a respite from the rigors of navigating the system required by Portugal and that you can relax and enjoy your new home. How unfortunate for you that you were dealing with all of this with the pandemic raging. There must be a light at the end of the tunnel at which time you can reflect on the end result. Thankfully, you have remained healthy and kept your sanity and sense of humor. Hang in there and you will persevere. Love to you both. Aunt Dianna


    1. Thanks, Aunt Dianna. What a sweet, kind note. This entire process has actually been kind of fun. It’s a little like a game of wits to see if you can figure it all out while keeping your sanity in tact…LOL!! It’s funny that you should use the term “light at the end of the tunnel”, because that is the name of next week’s blog! (You and Claire have been too quick to pick up on my story line. :)) However, it isn’t quite the end of our efforts or things to get done. We have a few more hurdles to jump which will make for good stories to share. What makes it all doable is that Won and I are best friends in addition to soul mates. Wishing you loads of love and a safe, healthy, and happy 2021!!


  3. All of your posts that I have read this morning makes me wonder? Was it all worth it? I hope one of your posts tells us what a great time you and Won are having and that it was all worth the red tape. Cheers to your adventure and all the information you’ve recorded and shared with us. I’m hoping you are settled in and making great memories.


    1. Hi Stephanie! Yes…100% absolutely worth it all. As a matter of fact I state that in our 1-year anniversary post that I published on January 22nd. We love it here and the challenges just help to keep us on our toes. LOL! Hugs to you and Dan.


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