One Year? Already?!

12 thoughts on “One Year? Already?!”

    1. Awww…thanks, Claire. I can’t tell you how much Won and I love being here. Our only wish is that we could magically transport all our family and friends here too. (Sending you and Adam hugs and kisses.)


  1. What an exciting year even given the pandemic! Glad you made the right decision and living your best life! Enjoy and can’t wait to hear more!!


    1. I’m so happy you are enjoying it!! Please stay buckled up with your tray in its locked and upright position…Year Two is about to take off and it’s going to be loads of fun! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey and sharing so much of your life with us! You have inspired me, at the very least, to consider Portugal for retirement since I am determined to leave the US when my daughter goes to college! All the best for a safe and healthy 2021!! Thanks again!!


  3. Oh no! I’m coming to the end of the posts and will have to start waiting for your weekly update! I greatly enjoyed all these entries and look forward to following along for your upcoming adventures.


    1. I can’t believe you read them all in succession!! Wow!! I’m truly humbled and sincerely delighted. Thank you for your time and all the lovely, kind, and generous comments you shared. Tomorrow’s post is already completed and ready to post. Thanks again, Cheryl!!

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