Our Average Monthly Expenses

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  1. Food is so central to our lives and during lockdown, more and more people are learning how to cook or are enjoying trying new recipes. I’m curious about how your life has changed one year later with regard to what foods you eat, Portuguese recipes you’ve tried at home, cooking styles you’ve adapted to because of different ingredients, etc.


    1. Wow!! Great question, Christy. When we first moved here, Won was doing all the driving which meant he was doing all the grocery shopping. Because of that, he took on the meal planning, which led to him doing the cooking. I check in with him occasionally to ensure he’s OK with this responsibility, but he has come to really enjoy it so we’ve kept the arrangement. I do all the clean up. In terms of what we eat…we eat very little red meat anymore. We eat mostly fish or chicken as the main protein, and have incorporated more vegetarian dishes. The fish is typically fresh from the sea and the chickens are not large and bloated due to injections of water to make them look more plump. We eat a lot of vegetables and fruit as well. Won is a more adventuresome cook than me so our meals are more varied and he’s not intimidated by a whole fish, for example. His skills have improved immeasurably and he’s begun to play with developing sauces lately. We haven’t attempted to make specific Portuguese dishes primarily because we don’t feel as though we know Portuguese cuisine that well yet, but we have tried a few things like duck rice and alheira. We know we need to get out there and try more, but the virus has really limited that for us. As we expand our exposure and experience, I’ll do more blogs on the topic. (Sending you, Chris and Coobie big hugs!!)


  2. Hi Beth, very informative article. I was just wondering about your gas discount. You mentioned that you receive a €0,05/per liter discount which equates to a savings of up to €8,00 per tank of gas. If my math is correct, this would mean your car takes 160 litres of gas? Cheers.


    1. Thank you!! You caught a boo boo. (This sometimes happens when I ask my hubby for data points.) I’m going to update the blog with this additional information, but the discount is comprised of two parts: 1) a €0,05 per litre discount at BP from our ACP membership – ACP is the Automobile Club of Portugal, and 2) an additional discount from shopping at Pingo Doce a local supermarket chain, which last month came to €8,00. The size of the fuel tank on our car is 15.8 gallons or 60 litres. I’m so glad you checked the math!


  3. I am quite sure we would never actually move to another country, but have really enjoyed reading about your adventure. We will be very content to take vacations in Portugal and beyond when this pandemic gets under control – that will happen someday, right?


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