Another Reason to Smile

8 thoughts on “Another Reason to Smile”

  1. So seriously. One of the things I’ve been most stressed about (re the thought of moving there) is dental care. I have periodontal disease and have had 8 surgeries to correct it. That’s why I have 4 cleanings per year. I’m terrified of letting anything slip. But after reading this blog, I have absolutely no concerns whatsoever about dental services. Holy cow. That is amazing. It’s like… you didn’t just move to Portugal. You moved to the future.


    1. I’m so glad I alleviated one of your stressors, Claire (and I totally understand your worry). I was surprised and thrilled with the experience I had and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone I know. I continue to be impressed the longer I live here. Hugs to you and Adam.


  2. Oh dear…I’ve become one of your avid followers who drops everything to read your latest entry! Haha! Unfortunately I got busy (doing nothing in particular) and didn’t get a chance to make a comment. I think dentistry would be one of my big stresses when moving to another country, but it sounds like you have done really well to find a wonderful office and practise. The work you had completed was definitely cheaper than what we would pay in Canada.


    1. It’s funny, oral care wasn’t the thing I was most concerned about when we moved here. I was more concerned about navigating a potentially complicated healthcare system in a foreign country, but that hasn’t been a problem either. I’m super relieved that the dental experience was wonderful though!! On top of the fact that it was easy, affordable and enjoyable (three words I NEVER thought I would use to describe going to the dentist), I can even walk there. Bonus!


  3. Wow, your experience really has “some teeth to it”!😬 Ocean front viewing, pleasant techniques…amazing! I’d even want to go there! Right now the dentist is the last place we want to go!!! I may have missed it, but have you guys been vaccinated?


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