I’ll Try the Red

8 thoughts on “I’ll Try the Red”

  1. that was lovely! Thanks for the Loxton shout-out! And, next time you’re looking at trying something new, look for a Souzão. Vallado makes a sensational one


  2. Clearly learning the wines of Portugal could/should be a lifelong project. So much to know! So much to taste! So much to enjoy!


  3. Beth,
    Taffy shared with me a lovely bottle of Loxton wine. On our road trip wine tours in California, we focused on the Central Coast. Next time we’re in Napa/Sonoma, would like to visit Loxton in person. It must be a wonderful “chore” to explore & try all the wines on offer in Portugal.
    Happy sipping!


    1. I’m delighted you had the chance to taste some Loxton wine! Was it the GSP? So good!!! Let me know when you plan to visit Loxton Cellars and I’ll give Chris a heads up. Until then, Won and I will continue to methodically work our way through our current stash of wine. Funny, we never seem to make any headway (could it be because every time Won goes to the store, he brings home more??). HA! No complaints on this end, though!


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