A Much-Needed Shot in the Arm

9 thoughts on “A Much-Needed Shot in the Arm”

    1. I haven’t heard too much about the vaccine rollout in Canada, but that would be great if you could get yours sometime in June. I think I might be in the same time frame here in Portugal. As long as we can stay healthy until then…right?

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    1. So funny you should mention Sweet Pea…I was going to include pictures of her romping on the beach with an overly-friendly boxer (that really wanted to play), but I couldn’t get a good shot of them because they were moving around too fast. Plus, Sweet Pea hasn’t seen her stylist since before Christmas (egad!) and she looks more like a sheep dog than a wire-haired fox terrier. You wouldn’t even recognize her. And, with the lock down extended to at least March 16th, it will be at least another three weeks before we can get her up to see her groomer. However, I promise to include pictures as soon as I can. (You’re so sweet to mention her. Thank you.)


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