Why Portugal?

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      1. Oh yes, thank you, we feel like we have survived winter and Spring is on the near horizon. It is always surprising how quickly the snow diminishes with a few warm (5 to 8C) days. Of course at 8C we are out in T-shirt sleeves – haha!


      2. LOL!! I remember those days in NJ. When it finally “warmed up” to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F), I would wonder why everyone thought that was cold back in California, but when we lived in California, we would be putting on coats, hats and gloves when it was 15.5 degrees C (60 degrees F). Context and perspective! The sun helps make everything better, even when there is snow on the ground.

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  1. Beth, I thank you every week for your posts! I had decided to move to Portugal after I retire (about 12 months) and you have provided invaluable information. I have been visiting various European countries and while Italy has strong appeal, the politics are not to my liking and Portugal is perfect! I cannot wait for Americans to be able to come to Portugal so I can rent for a longer period of time and decide the best area for me. One question. If you were deciding where to live knowing at you know now, where would you pick?

    I have a strong pull to the water so thinking Algarve, but would love easier access to Lisbon. Decisions! Any input would be appreciated!
    My best,



    1. Nice to meet you Kathi! I’m so happy you have found my posts informative and helpful. Thanks so much for your kind comments. They are genuinely appreciated. I chatted with Won about your question. We think living in or around Lisbon is best in the beginning. Here’s the logic: it’s perfectly situated to allow you to easily get around the country. It’s worth visiting the north (Porto/Douro Valley/Aveiro), the Silver Coast (too many charming towns to list), the Alentejo region, even though it is inland there are many gorgeous lakes and rivers, and the Algarve which has so many great towns to consider. We live 30 mins outside Lisbon and love it because we’re not right in the city (not our thing), but close enough to take advantage of everything it has to offer. You can live many, many, many different places in Portugal on or close the water. Once you have established a move date, reach back out and I’ll put you in touch with Marta Alegria, our real estate person who can help you find a place that meets your needs. She’s the one you see on House Hunter’s International when they film in Portugal. She’s terrific. Until then, feel free to stay in touch and let me know if you have any other questions.


      1. Thank you! I am friends with Linda Pell and we travel together. I will be in touch closer to the move but if we are in the neighborhood, we will let you know!


      2. Linda Pell of Kellogg? I’d love to see you both! It’s been years since I’ve had the chance to see Linda. Please give her my very best. (Kathi – I’m editing my reply to add this additional note. I am just putting two and two together and realize why your name sounds so familiar. SOCAP! I’m so happy you reached out. I’m genuinely hopeful we can get together the next time you and/or Linda travel here. Would love to catch up.)


  2. Beth, another stupendous post! The links and information…over the top! I’m starting to get hopeful about visiting Europe this summer, but they may be premature. We’ll see! Glad to hear your optimism and brightness!


    1. I’m happy to report that Portugal has just begun to implement a slow, controlled, multi-month deconfinement plan that will safely reopen the country. As an example, just today people will be allowed to access all parks and finally be able to sit on the benches (some parks were completely closed off because they are walled and gated). Museums and cultural sites are scheduled to reopen on April 5 – something Won and I are super excited about; we have a laundry list of places to see. However, restaurants won’t allow indoor dining until early May. The plan includes constant case analysis. If infection rates begin to increase, reopening activities will be stopped until rates decrease sufficiently. In other happy news, the UK has agreed to allow British citizens to visit the country beginning in May (with the proper vaccination documentation). I’m hoping the US and Portugal will come to a similar agreement soon.


  3. Beth,
    Okay, so I now know you must be Portugal’s secret tourism/relocation promoter!

    You had me at “like California” but without the prices nor crowds. Having lived in San Francisco, I’ve often wanted to return but real estate is too expensive once you’re out of the market. Appreciate the summary of Portugal’s rich history, the beautiful architecture, food and geography. The expression, “I want to go to there” comes to mind. Maybe in 2022 we can resurrect our plans to visit.

    Thanks for the wonderful summery.


    1. Ha!! I’m happy to be the not-so-secret, unofficial tourism/promoter for Portugal. Easiest job I will have ever had! And speaking of tourism — I’m already looking forward to your visit. Can’t wait to show you around. Until then, please stay safe and healthy.


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