Our Local Beach – Praia do Tamariz

8 thoughts on “Our Local Beach – Praia do Tamariz”

  1. Sweet Pea, perfectly named! That picture of her in the backpack, so hilarious! Especially after understanding why she’s in there! Sounds like you did an excellent job of picking a place to live, and near that wonderful Beach!


    1. LOL! Are you referencing the Princess the the Pea? I often think of that fairy tale when I think of Sweet Pea. One of the many nicknames I have for her is “The Pea.” Funny enough, my original plan was to register her with the AKC and I was going to modify her name to “Sweet Calliope” which would blend Sweet Pea (phonetically) into her formal name. The reason for that particular name was that Calliope was the Muse who presided over eloquence and epic poetry because of the ecstatic harmony of her voice and Sweet Pea is very vocal. She doesn’t bark very often (nearly never), but, she does – for lack of a better term – “yawn talks” to us. She vocalizes a wide variety of sounds. She’s a kick to have around because she’ll pipe in to a conversation Won and I are having with one of these sounds as if to add a comment. It makes us laugh out loud every time she does it, which is actually quite often! OK…got off on a rant there. Sorry about that.


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