The Architecture of Portugal

6 thoughts on “The Architecture of Portugal”

  1. I wanted to read this when I had time to really enjoy the information, and what a lot of information you’ve provided! All very interesting too, BTW. Architecture is one of my favourite things when visiting a city, so I appreciate all this detail.


  2. A large part of the charm of Portugal (to me) is the various styles of architecture. We’re working on visits to as many of these sites as possible, so much to see! This is great; thanks for sharing.


  3. Beth, sorry, you answered my request and then I was missing in action! What a wonderful post…thank you for doing all that research, and again, your really very wonderful photos. I came back to this when I knew I would have adequate time to read and enjoy it. I thought I most preferred the Maueline architecture until I got to the art-deco. Wow, they really exquisitely expressed that period.

    Thank so much!!


    1. I’m so happy to know you enjoyed it! I truly liked researching this topic and learning about all the different styles. A good friend who was an architecture professor (😳) sent me such a positive and complimentary email telling me I did a great job. He gave me an A+. 😁👍 I was thrilled!


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