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    1. You win the prize for fastest read and response!! Wow! I haven’t even finished all my steps to publish on FB and LinkedIn! I’m super happy you enjoyed it. It’s like a palate cleanser between all the posts on places we go and see.


  1. Hi, Beth. I am enjoying your blog! Your permission is requested to reprint “How Progressive Is Portugal” in the next (September) issue of Portugal Living Magazine. In case you don’t know about the magazine, this link will provide a brief introduction and a sign-up form for a free subscription: Portugal Living Magazine

    Portugal Living Magazine

    Thanks for your consideration. Com os melhores cumprimentos,  (Rev.) Bruce H. Joffe, Ph.D.

    Portugal : R / Médico Costa Leitão 20 Alcains (6005-079) Castelo Branco 351-964-195-797 R / Vila Viçosa 49 Vila Boim (7350-501) Elvas

    Spain : C / Garduñera 27 Olvera 11690 Cadiz

    Publisher / Creative Director: Portugal Living Magazineportugallivingmagazine.com  facebook.com/PortugalLivingMagazine

    Pastor / People of Faith Online facebook.com/groups/FaithCommunityOnline Associate Professor of Communication: (Retired) Mary Baldwin University, George Mason University, The American University, Carthage College,  Kaplan College



    1. Hi! It’s great to know you have been enjoying my blog. I am aware of your magazine and wish you great success. I am also pleased to learn you would like to republish my How Progressive Is Portugal? post. I am assuming author attribution will be included? If so, you have my permission.


  2. So many interesting tidbits! I am most impressed with the country’s plan and commitment to green energy! And I’ll look forward to your adventure across that suspension bridge.


    1. Me too! I had no idea Portugal was so advanced in this area. As for the walk across that bridge? It should be a knee-shaking, adrenaline-inducing, heart-pumping experience we won’t soon forget, that’s for sure!! 😳😬


  3. Such a beautiful post to read your tid bits on Portugal. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. I just did something on my experience from a Portuguese Colonised Goa along with a FREE recipe of Sorpotel an awesome Portuguese Delicacy, feel free to visit my post to check it out. Hope you like it as much as I liked yours.


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