One Down, One to Go!

4 thoughts on “One Down, One to Go!”

    1. Yes!! And, it feels soooooooo good. It also means that Portugal is getting closer and closer to opening its borders to more countries (i.e. the US). The Brits were allowed to come last week. It would be so nice to see friends and family again. Hopefully, you and Stephen are thinking about a trip in the future…would love to catch up and show you around. Take care!


  1. Gawd, just wrote a long response and it dissapeared into the ether. Main question, is there an anti-vax movement there??


    1. I hate it when that happens!!! So sorry. To answer your question, the only articles I could find on COVID-related protests were more about the ‘reduction of freedoms’ associated with lockdowns and health-related requirements (some of these protests were borne from fears that the restrictions felt too much like the dictatorship that only just ended in 1974). I did, however, find a FB group that has been established for anti-vaxxers in Portugal. It has 351 members. My guess is that most people want the country to open back up and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. When nearly 20% of your country’s GDP is tied to tourism, you want to help get that sector going ASAP.


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