Captivating Cascais

6 thoughts on “Captivating Cascais”

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful report on Cascais. We are trying to visit soon to investigate where to live and the town is high on our list. We’re coming from the States and have an elementary school aged child and I know there are a lot of international schools nearby. Do you find the area of Cascais and Estoril to be a nice mix of Portugese and immigrants? The pictures are lovely!


    1. I’m delighted you enjoyed this post! Where are you coming from? We’re also from the US. Cascais and Estoril are exactly that…a great mix of expats and Portuguese. You’ll love it here. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’d be happy to help if possible.


      1. Thanks Beth for the offer to help! We’re coming from Des Moines so needless to say the weather in Cascais is a top driver of our move. Most of our adult lives were spent in Denver so we’re desperate to find a place with more sunshine. I’ve binged on your blog and love that you provide details around costs and daily living. Our focus is to find the best school and comfortable place to live. We have lots to purge and organize but I can tell it’s worth it because the butterflies in my stomach tell me I’m pushing myself outside my comfort zone which is a good thing.


      2. I can relate! We are originally from California, but lived in New Jersey for nearly 8 years before moving here. I’m happy to know the information I have provided in my blog has been of value to you. This type of transition is a big move, but patience, perseverance, preparedness, and planning will get you through it all in good shape. Unfortunately, the one area I don’t have any experience in are schools since my son is an adult. If you aren’t already on it, join the Facebook group called ‘Expats Cascais’ (Julie Buck is the administrator). I have seen many posts regarding schools and activities for school-age children. I think you can also use the search function to sort prior posts on a specific topic. It may be helpful. Best of luck with everything and feel free to stay in touch.


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