We’re Moving!

12 thoughts on “We’re Moving!”

  1. Beth,
    Congratulations on finding a new abode and I hope you both enjoy the expanded space & balcony. Maybe you can even have a container garden outside? I’m trying to imagine the shower situation. Happy shopping for furnishings – maybe IKEA will have some reasonably priced things.


    1. Thanks, Leslie! We are super excited about the outdoor space and have plans to make the most of it. I promise to share pictures once we get into the apartment (with and without my solution). I felt weird taking pictures when we were there since it has a current tenant and the listing was taken down the day after we signed the contract. As for shopping…it’s been an interesting experience since we are not as familiar with the stores here in Portugal. More to come!


    1. Thanks, Taffy! I promise to share pics of the shower after we move in – before and after my fix – and without a model… LOL!!! BTW- did you hear that Portugal is opening up to Americans who wish to visit and who can provide a vaccine certificate?


    1. Hello! How are you guys doing? I had no idea you were keeping up with my blog. What a nice surprise to hear from you. Thanks for your kind note. Won and I hope you both are doing well and staying healthy.


    1. Yes…totally agree. We learned that outdoor space is really important to us once we didn’t have it, but last year when our heads were spinning, we decided to take a place that met most of our needs (and allowed a dog – which seemed to be a bigger barrier last year than this year – no idea why…). I promise to share pictures of the place when we’ve pulled it together. Take care, Cheryl!


    1. So lovely to hear from you, Robin! We are super excited about it and now can’t wait for every day to pass that gets us one day closer to moving in. It’s hard to be patient. Perhaps you and Mark will come for a visit one day. Until then, I hope you and Mark are staying healthy and doing well. Looking forward to the GOTs call on the 25th. Hugs…


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