On the Hunt

15 thoughts on “On the Hunt”

  1. Wow, what a whirlwind. I cant imagine buying a whole houseful of furniture at once…too many decisions!


  2. Wait — can’t Won build all the furniture you need? Then you can sew the curtains and you’re done!


    1. Phil… of course we could!! But, we’re retired, remember? Life of leisure and all that … 👍😁 (Hey… let’s find time for another video chat. We miss you and have updates to share on Sweet Pea.)


  3. You had me at Restoration Hardware! When we downsized we moved a third of our house to a rented townhouse, a third to went to a froufrou consignment store and the rest thrift stores, family and friends. But the Restoration Hardware Victorian shipping trunk came with us! Somehow, it fit in the townhouse but not in our lil house we purchased. Sooo, it’s been hanging out in our garage going on 4 years come September. I just couldn’t let it go and the few times I tried to sell it, no luck! It’s just such a lovable albatross! Anyways, I love to decorate our home and get all the “fixins”! But it is so frustrating now with purchasing lots of things. Patio furniture was a nightmare…much of it not available till September. Roar!!! We half serious/half joke about moving to Portugal too! I’m always sharing your experience with my family! My daughter is reading your blog now too! BUT I would have such a hard time not bringing my things! My lil in land house is very beachy. Lots of shells, bell jars enclosing vignettes of sea life, vintage beach photos, etc… classy not kitschy. (Not knocking kitschy it has its place too!) I would NEED to bring that with me! I guess I could stuff it all in my Mini! You’d be surprised what I can get in that thing! Totally appreciate your diagrams!!! And that metric system I have to use with silver smithing and PMC clay, I’m always scratching my head and checking twice! Congrats on your new home and enjoy creating your spaces! Can’t wait to see pictures!


    1. Hi Brenda! We are kindred spirits when it comes to creating lovely spaces that make us happy. However, it is a challenge when you begin to accumulate things and your circumstances change. I would have loved to have stayed in our house in NJ forever, if it wasn’t in NJ (can’t take the winters). I promise to share pictures when our place is finally put together (hopefully, before the end of the year!!). Take good care.


      1. Hi! You sent me the link to your blog some time back. I’ve had a few of your posts. Coffee? Sure! Next week OK?


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