Alentejo Adventure (Part 1)

10 thoughts on “Alentejo Adventure (Part 1)”

  1. Seriously, you make a really good case for a vacation there! Have you thought about opening your own little touring company?


    1. 😳 No way!! I’m having the time of my life and never want to work again (assuming I wouldn’t have to). I get great enjoyment out of going to these fascinating places and then writing about the experience. Even if no one read my blog I’d probably keep doing it just because I enjoy the writing process. Plus, it has now become a sort of diary for Won and me…we go back and re-read what we’ve done previously and it makes us smile (and keeps certain details from being forgotten over time). But, thank you for the very kind compliment. ☺️


      1. Lol! I’m just reading this now after I just commented on Part 2! Your blog is a great way to record your experiences! I started one years ago when we were traveling a lot and then “fell off the wagon”! But I do have hand written notes in random note books of our day to day on our trips. I put all our countries in different cool metal storage containers with my notes and the silly souvenirs, pamphlets, drink stirers (?) and the ever important pub, tavern and beer garden coasters.🤗 All those things really help you to really relive the experiences that much more than memory alone.


  2. Wow! My sister’s wedding anniversary of 20-something years was also in June, and they also went to Algarve to celebrate, but the week-end of the 12th. Elvas, was one of the spots they went to as well. She’s too is fond of History and Castles, as you seem to be. Coincidences.


    1. It’s probably my abysmal skill at attempting to “sound out” these words. LOL! No worries…whenever you come to visit, I’ll be happy to say them out loud and then you can go, “You’re kidding!! THAT’s how you pronounce it??!!” Then we’ll drink our wine and laugh the rest of the night about it.


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