Alentejo Adventure (Part 2)

6 thoughts on “Alentejo Adventure (Part 2)”

  1. First things first…that peacock caught in flight photo, GORGEOUS! Frame that puppy!🤗 It is always amazing to us that Europe let’s you climb rickety stairs up the outside of a broken down castle, and climb tower steps to church rooftops etc! I’ve been to Stonehenge which was amazing and these stones are interesting too. The cathedral bone mosaics artistically are intriguing. However there’s also a real “eeeewww” factor. This coming from the person who has a shelf of baby doll heads in her studio loft! Ruben and I were watching YouTube videos about Portugal the other night and they all stunk! The people were awful and it was just bad. Also, one woman started giving advise to people at a cost of $129 a session. (She hasn’t even seen half of the things you guys have!) Omg, your presentations, photos and humor are so enjoyable!


    1. 😊 thanks so much, Brenda! Love to receive your comments. They always make me smile. I read your comment to Won who replied (re the woman who’s charging money for advice (!?)…”ours is free!” 😎 Take care!


      1. Glad they make you smile! Kinda embarrassed I spelled “advice” “advise” though!!! Now on to the horses!!!🤗


      2. 😁 (I never get everything right when I publish and am typically horrified when I go back and read a post the next day to find some kind of error. Oh well, no one’s perfect. 🤷)


  2. Wow! It has taken me days to finish reading this entry because I keep stopping to bookmark places in my google map, and copying information into my (someday) itinerary. It is all so gorgeous!


    1. Ha!! I’m so happy that these posts are inspiring you to visit and that they are helping you to build an itinerary. One important tip if you plan to visit the Alentejo region…avoid mid-to late summer. It can get really hot. I wouldn’t go between mid-July and end of August (maybe even mid-September), unless of course you like hot weather.

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