Alentejo Adventure (Part 3)

6 thoughts on “Alentejo Adventure (Part 3)”

  1. Yay! Finally, the horseback riding! I grew up riding Western since I was four years old. We had to give up the horses when we were getting married in order to buy a house. BUT, we ride whenever we can. When I say I’m experienced, I seem to get the dud that no one else can get going. I definitely get them going though! Yup, getting up in those saddles now is like climbing Mount Everest. And that no saddle horn thing, is a definite thumbs down! The soreness afterwards is not fun. Who needs a “thigh master” if you ride a horse. So, what else did you do again??? Ha ha! Great adventure as always!


    1. Yes!! Horses were the original “thigh master” machine (and way more fun too — sorry Suzanne Somers). It’s a bummer that you had to give up your horses, but it’s good to know you still ride whenever you can. Horses are wonderful creatures. We both loved our rides and would do it again for sure. However, next time I’m going to bring my own step stool, just in case.


  2. I can’t believe I got behind in reading your blog! Although a sunny day is always nicest, the pictures benefit from the rainy atmosphere. Thanks, as always, for the vicarious adventure.


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