Driven To Distraction

17 thoughts on “Driven To Distraction”

  1. Loved this article … laughed all the way through it, as we have experienced much of the same when “learning to drive” in Portugal. As you point out, there’s so much we’re not told in guidebooks, manuals, and even Facebook group files. Coming from the USA, for us it was a simple question whose answer could nowhere be found: “Is it legal to make a right turn on a red signal in Portugal?”

    With your permission, we’d love to publish this piece in the Spring (Mar/Apr/May) issue of Portugal Living Magazine!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! All of us US expats have certainly experienced the same (and I’m happy to have finally answered your question about right turn on red). One thing is for sure, it has certainly been an adjustment. I would be delighted and honored to have this post reprinted. 😊

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  2. This is very timely, because we are right now visiting Evora, a beautiful old medieval town with the narrowest windiest streets I’ve ever seen. We got lost in its maze and I was sure we were going to shear the sides of the car off at every turn. Somehow we managed, although a couple of times we had to fold the side mirrors in to get by!


    1. LOL!! We were just there a few weeks ago (our visit there is included in a 3-part series called Alentejo Adventure). And, I said nearly the exact same thing (about the side view mirrors) in my post on the Pena Palace!! As always, drive carefully. ❤️


  3. Your comment about some areas providing free doggie poop bags sounds like where I live now. I was so surprized when I moved to FL how dog friendly this area is…free doggie cleanup stations everywhere. And beautiful, free, well maintained dog parks.


    1. I agree! Won and I were both surprised to see this civic benefit and felt awkward taking advantage of the free bags, but have since gotten over it. 😁 It’s a great idea that more cities and towns around the world should adopt. 👍🌍


  4. I starred and starred at that roundabout diagram and then realized, I’ve gone native…been driving in Ireland for almost two weeks so everything was backwards. I think roundabouts are fantastic!!


  5. We are pretty used to roundabouts, but most here are only one lane, so we are guilty as charged of staying in the right hand lane. Our Aussie friends educated us on using the turn signal too!


  6. Hi Mom, I’m with Grandma right now and am helping her fix all of her accounts. This is one of them so really this comment is just a test to see if everything is working. Okay, love you!!!


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