Buddha Eden Garden, With a Twist

16 thoughts on “Buddha Eden Garden, With a Twist”

    1. It was!!! I’m so glad you got a sense of the size and scale. I wasn’t sure it was coming across. Funny enough, it is very walkable and with so much to see it keeps you thinking about that and not so much about how far you’re walking. It was fun, though. 💚


  1. Imposing, inspirational and evocative locale. Emotionally feels like China, Japan, Thailand and even Africa with the animal sculptures. Won doing is best warrior, or is tree pose?


  2. As a full time sculptor [now], I was blown away by this posting. I want to see it in person before I die!!!
    And as a former blog host, I must confirm that you are a master of the blog!
    And as a very weak person who just hosted his 3 younger brothers+wives for a week in Morrow Bay [CA], I must warn you that no matter how hard you try, your family gathering will induce radicle weight gain!


    1. Hi Joe!! It’s so lovely to hear from you. I’m thrilled you enjoyed this post and that it spoke to your sculptor heart (my photos didn’t even begin to make a dent in the breadth and number of sculptures that were there!). I’m hoping you can come and see it for yourself one day. We’d love to see you and Trudy! Thank you for your kind comment about my blogging skills, I’m sincerely humbled. As for the upcoming visit with my family…I’ve been on a starvation diet for months just to counterbalance what I know is coming!! LOL!! Please take good care and be sure to give Trudy my love.


  3. Your post has inspired a trip there from Central Portugal. I’ll be on my bike tomorrow and checking it out. The weather forecast here is just 25°C, so should be perfect for the trip 🙂 Wonderful pics – I really love the 3rd from last – how you’ve framed the ‘terracotta’ warriors with the trees.


    1. I’m so happy to know you plan to visit! I think you will truly enjoy it. Thank you for the kind compliment on the photos. The one you mentioned is my very favorite of the entire day!! Love that photo. 😊 Please circle back and let me know what you think of Buddha Eden Garden. Enjoy!

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  4. I love this place, so unique and beautiful! One of the most intriguing to me of all the places you have posted about. I love outdoor sculptures.


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