Trolley Troubles

11 thoughts on “Trolley Troubles”

  1. You made me smile! My parents used to play golf a lot. At that time there used to be a lot of youngsters hanging around to caddy for a bit of pocket money. Sounds like Won needs a caddy!
    Enjoy having family over 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Safar. Times have changed for sure. No such youngsters hanging around Penha Longa; however, he’s got it all worked out now. The larger golf bag happened to arrive earlier today. He’ll be back on the course next Friday so we’ll see if this is the magic bullet. 🤞

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  2. I’m assuming the new bag also solved the snack food storage issue too? Too funny, but glad he’s still golfing – the guys here are still going strong 🙄. Enjoy your time with family!


    1. Hi Amy!! So good to hear from you. ❤ I’m not sure the new bag will solve the snack problem (the bag arrived this morning), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it does. My brother Gary and sister-in-law, Marlena, arrived today and my sister, Claire and her husband Adam, get here tomorrow. I’m in 7th heaven!!l Love to you, John, and all the gang.


  3. This was hilarious, and definitely a “Won Top 10”. Here is something else for Won to worry about: my friend in Naples has one of these carts- he has put it in the lake TWICE in a 4 week period. CAUTION; STEER CAREFULLY!!
    Hope you are both doing well – miss y’all.


    1. I should do a blog called “Won’s Best Top 10.” I’m pretty sure I would have plenty of material. Both Won and I laughed out loud reading about your friend. Your cautionary message has been duly noted. 👍 (Won has begun researching floating devices he can attach to his new trolley!!) We can’t wait for you to come visit. Hugs to you both.


  4. Great play-by-play, Beth. Did you follow Won around to get those shots of him and the course? Have a terrific time with your family! They are fortunate to have you as their local guide.


    1. I actually did follow him around! LOL! The only photo I can’t take credit for is the one his golf buddy Mark captured; the very last one. I’m having a great time with my family here. We’re covering a lot of ground…literally. We are walking everywhere. Looking forward to catching up with you guys on the next call. 💗


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