An Accidental Surprise

12 thoughts on “An Accidental Surprise”

      1. Hi Beth, You must know how eager we are to see you along with your broken toe. Won better run interference for you in the airport going through security. Don’t wear flip-flops or loose sandals. Do you have any extra large sturdy sneakers??? Keep that toe protected. You sure don’t want your mother (with her back problems) to walk faster than you when we cruise the plaza in lazy Sonoma (Slownoma)….. Take care Dear Girl. Love, mom. PS You can leave your cane home. We have an assortment in the foyer so we have you covered.


  1. Soooo, I also broke my lil toe at the same time as you! I have to climb in and out of our bathtub everyday to open and close the blind. It’s a huge soaking tub set into a huge tiled rectangle. When you step out, you need to step high and wide. I missed the wide part and took out my lil toe on the way down. Then two days later I decided to really make sure I broke it by catching it on the workbench stool! I’ve broken so many toes now I just wait it out. Lol! BUT, who wouldn’t go to the doctor/hospital hearing about your amazing experience. Walking by the by the sign…priceless!😜 I hope you have an amazing trip back to the good ole US of A. I’m also curious how you will feel. When we moved to Georgia and it became our home, going back to NJ was always bittersweet. Our whole lives were there with family and friends. After being there a week, it just felt like we never left and where we belonged. So easy and smooth to catch up with friends at our favorite restaurants/taverns/diners. And the Italian bakeries…oh, how we miss them!!! But then Georgia with our new friends/family we created here also felt like home. In some way, it’s nice to have two places to call home. Happy and safe travels! And Happy Birthday to your step dad!🎂


    1. I know exactly what you are describing (tub-wise). Those things are crazy big. We had ours torn out when we renovated our home in Chester, NJ and put in a stand alone tub. I’m not a “bath” person anyway, I prefer showering, so it was more for aesthetics than anything else. I can easily imagine how you broke your toe. BUT, you win the prize for “most graceful” for catching it a second time!! OUCH!! I was terrified when I was at the festival. I thought someone might step on it and I’ve been super careful at home. I need this puppy to heal and quickly. I hate that it slows me down, plus knowing I was going to have to navigate airports, hotels, blah, blah, blah in a few short weeks was motivation enough to make sure it had every chance to get better as fast as possible. Regarding our upcoming trip — I am anxious to see how it will feel being back in the US. Friends and family are a powerful pull, but we have fallen in love with Portugal. We’ll see… (I hope your toe is finally on the mend and that you don’t re-injure it!)


      1. Lol! Won’t go into the long story, but years ago I really injured a toe and the doc wanted to remove my toenail blah, blah, blah. Well, nope that wasn’t gonna happen cause we had a trip to NYC planned. So, off we went to NYC and I wore lovely FLIP FLOPS cause it’s the only thing that didn’t kill me. Very chic! Then we went to the US Open and I just about had an “Out of body”! We were stuck in the middle of a herd of people (moo moo) going into the gates and you had no choice but to go with the flow. I couldn’t take the fear of someone stomping on my toe so I grabbed my hubby’s hand and went against the current to get the heck outta there! So, I totally get you!!! Side note…I coulda cared less about being there (I know gasp from someone) but Raphael Nadal did get my attention! I’m betting your lil baby toe is gonna be great by the time you travel! Mine’ is feeling pretty good! Heck, you made me fall in love with Portugal and we haven’t even been there yet!🤗. Again, safe travels!


      2. OK…YOU take the prize for toughest! Holy moly! I’m happy to know you’re on the mend (me too). Just hoping not to re-injure it when we’re on the move next week. I’m so happy my posts have helped you learn more about Portugal. I’m sure you will love it even more when you have the chance to visit. Until then, keep those tootsies protected!


  2. I’ve recently started receiving your blog, Good work ! Thank you !! I’m afraid the links aren’t working though. I was curious about the private insurance and for a few days, it’s been stuck.


    1. It’s nice to meet you Jorge! I’m delighted you are enjoying my blog, but I’m concerned about the problem you are having with the links. What type of device are you using when that happens (i.e. Apple iPad, etc.)? And, is it with all links or just one or two. I just checked the links in my last blog post and they are all working for me. Some of them go to other posts I wrote previously. Did you scroll down once there? To answer your question about our health insurance, we went through João Pinheiro at Medal Insurance Brokers in Monte Estoril ( Our insurance policy is with Allianz Portugal. I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.


      1. I’m wondering if that might be the problem as to why the links are not working. It may be older technology. I’m sorry that it is creating a problem for you. All my prior blog posts are listed at the top of the screen if you ever need to access one later. 👍


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