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13 thoughts on “Back Home”

    1. Seeing you and the rest of the family was like drinking water after being in the desert for too long. I loved it. And, yes. You and Chris need to come visit us next time. It would be so much fun!! 💚


  1. I totally get the NJ license plate thing. 2o years in Georgia and I still get excited to see one! I always yell, “hey Jersey” as if they’ll hear me and realize we’re comrades. Sorry about your visit to the DMV…ewwwww!!! But I’m glad you found some treasures in your storage unit. Is Portugal having any supply chain issues? You certainly covered a lot of ground on your visit here and I’m sure you loved seeing everyone! Looking forward to more of your adventures!


    1. Hi Brenda! You misunderstood my reaction to the NJ license plates. It wasn’t so much feeling an affinity with them (I think of myself primarily as a Californian since I’ve lived there far longer over my life), my reaction was due more to the fact that in Portugal our plates are so odd and in NJ they are so ubiquitous. It was a startling visual for me. Re the MVC (and since you are from NJ you will understand this), we had hoped to go to the one in Randolf because we were familiar with it and knew where it was, but they don’t handle replacement registration. We had to drive to the one in Springfield, where we had never been. In the end, it all worked successfully and I was enormously relieved to get a copy of it (I probably would have paid double!!). If we had not been able to get a copy, I’m not sure what would have happened on this end with the Portuguese DMV 😳. We did love seeing everyone on our trip, but are so happy to be home. I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy.


    2. Forgot to answer your question about supply chain issues here. YES! We are experiencing the same as everyone else in the world. Boo hoo. I’ve been waiting for months to get my dining room table and living room couch. However, the table just might get here next week. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed…


  2. Hi Beth, I love your blog posts-thank you! I am planning to retire next year and  Portugal is on the short list! I have a tactical Q for you: Did you have Healthcare coverage when you came back to the states to visit? How did you make that work? We hope to travel for 6-12 mos but aren’t sure what to do about insurance if we come back to US (We’ll have travel insurance for everywhere else). Thoughts? thank you!Eileen RozicPortland OR


    1. Hi there! I’m so happy you are enjoying my posts, Eileen! 😊 You are at an exciting point in your life; your mind is filled with dreams and your time is spent researching and planning. It’s so much fun! I’m delighted to know you are considering Portugal and believe you will find it to be a great option for retirement. Regarding your question on insurance while you travel. Our current policy covers us no matter where we travel. However, if we plan to be gone for an extended period of time, we have been advised to contact our insurance broker to ensure our coverage will be sufficient and appropriate. Is your insurance broker essentially saying you have to have two policies – one for travel and one for “home” (i.e. the US)? I’m afraid my answer might not be what you had hoped, but I hope you find a good solution. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. Best of luck and feel free to stay in touch.


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