Within Walking Distance

13 thoughts on “Within Walking Distance”

    1. Monte “es-stroll”!! Got it! Good one! One thing is certain, the elevation changes in Cascais are far less extreme than Monte Estoril making walking here a lot more enjoyable (a lot less huffing and puffing). 😉


    1. You mean when I don’t have a broken toe? 🤪 Somewhere between 5k and 10k, depending on whether or not I’m just wandering around, running errands or looking to exercise. If it’s a lazy day and Won is doing most of the walking with Sweet Pea, it’s about 1500 to 2000.


      1. I’m so sorry you and Tom weren’t able to come out for Bill’s party (but totally understand!!). It just would have been so much fun to catch up in person. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that you guys will come visit us here. We’d love to show you around. Personally, I think Tom’s art would sell like hot cakes here. See? My dream isn’t quite perfect yet. 💜


  1. Its so funny to read your blog about places I just saw with my own eyes! And I feel a little bit like a celebrity, being mentioned in your blog. I can also confirm that Hifen is a wonderful restaurant! Take care…


    1. 😊 I’m so happy you enjoyed your visit and that you like Hifen as much as we do! Oh! Before I forget, I found out that you can go into that beautiful blue and white house you pointed out when we were walking in Cascais. It’s a historic residence you can tour. I don’t know if they are open, but I plan to go see it at some point. I’m so glad you were able to come for a visit, Ann. It was wonderful to see you and catch up. Sending loads of hugs. 💙


  2. Hello there! Just discovered your blog. I know all those places in the pictures…my favorite organic shop Is Bioshop in Cascais. We live in Monte since January this year. We mostly do everything by walking between 10 to 20K steps a day. So important to have good foot wear! Moved from the US as well, but we are European so we decided to be back closer to our roots. Will have to check out Cais 16. Happy to follow your blog, so interesting.


    1. Hello! So nice to “meet” you, Tatiana. It’s great that you know all the places I have written about and can attest to how wonderful they are. 😊 When you visit Cais 16, definitely stop in next door and check out Andrea’s beautiful jewelry. I’m so happy to know you are enjoying my posts, especially as a resident of this area. I’m sure you can tell that we absolutely LOVE living here. At some point, we should try to meet up for a coffee or a cocktail. Let’s definitely stay connected. Take care.


  3. Absolutely, Beth, a meetup would be great. I will also check out Andrea’s Goldschmiede, it will be a good treat after walking from Monte Estroll : )

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